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How To Market Your Rental Property For Sale – P3

How To Market Your Rental Property For Sale – P3

So, you got your rental. Kudos. No time to rest on your laurels though, because now you have to market it. Market your rental successfully, your sound investment pays for itself. Fail to do so and you’ve purchased a dud.

So, success is the way to go. And here are some good tips. Absolutely use the online venues, because buyers buy there. Market your rental on every online venue you can. Take pics, lots of pics. Pick a sunny day. Keep the window views available. Rooms look bigger that way. Let folks set up their viewings online.

On the day of the showing radiate enthusiasm. Keep the rental bright and cheery. Make sure the landscaping is appealing. It’s okay to have multiple viewings as it creates the illusion of demand. Do some showings yourself to get a bead on what tenants like and don’t like. Units with multiple bedrooms and pet access tend to do very well. Some folks like a fenced in yard. Some renters are wiling to sign with some contingencies. But, remember that some tenants may be high maintenance. Those that travel a lot may actually keep the place in better upkeep.

Key Takeaways:

  • To gain maximum exposure, post your listing on every online marketplace, and make sure you use the right photos.
  • In a hot real estate market, you can schedule showings to several potential tenants at one time to make your property seem even more in-demand.
  • Beware of people who want you to fix things around the apartment before they have even signed the lease.

“Learning how to market your rental properties can be the difference between a successful and failed investment.”

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