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Daytona Beach Beach Street Photo 1904

I love looking at old photos, especially of the Daytona Beach area. Here’s a photo from 1904. I believe this has got to be Beach Street based on the orientation and the water to the right side of the photo.

Beach Street 1904

Beach Street 1904

Daytona Beach 1904

To the left is Burdines Drug Store with a Coca Cola sign on the side of the building. Of course this was before cars were regularly seen on the local streets. It’s also before condos lined the beach and river.

I’m not a romantic about living in an earlier time, but I enjoy seeing the differences in how people lived. For a short time, I owned a vintage clothing store in Kutztown Pennsylvania and really love Victorian clothing and architecture. There are a few lovely Victorian homes in Daytona Beach, but not like other places. There are other beachside communities with many Victorian homes. We visited Cape May, New Jersey years ago and was fascinated by many of the lovely old homes there.

I’ll be searching for more vintage photos of Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach and Port Orange over the coming months. We will also be dispatching our photographer to capture some of the current points of interest. We’ll be posting them here and then displaying many of them in our Ormond Beach office at 159 West Granada Blvd.

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